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Name: Reginald
Website: www
Date: 30 May 15 12:15pm
Many thanks really helpful. Will certainly share site with my buddies.
Name: Omer
Website: www
Date: 30 May 15 12:15pm
The information is very fascinating.
Name: Ginger
Website: www
Date: 30 May 15 12:15pm
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Name: Opqrstuvwx
Website: n/a
Date: 30 May 15 12:14pm
Internet giant must meditate future reserve

this science?

< p > a simple example: you may because of micro circle of friends heard a novel gadgets; when you want to know the details of it, or to Baidu to go search for; eventually, you may only on Taobao to buy this uncommon things.

Original title:

in contrast, BAT, their respective advantages are also very obvious. Ali has the most extensive business, ã¯ãªã¹&atil de;ã£ã³ã&laqu o;ãã¿ã³ åºè, logistics, payment basis; Tencent has a QQ and micro channel information push capabilities advantage; and Baidu is still the most important information access means.

Facebook is a case of WhatsAPP acquisition. Facebook is going to be a lot of dollars invested in the social field of their own good, Google will also more effort put in the Android will be implanted in more different types of devices on. Apple continued to strengthen their own hardware industrial chain control.

< p > this means, é·è²¡å&cedi l; ãããã¬, micro channel and QQ push features to the games that require communication and interpersonal communication in the field has a unique advantage; Baidu is more suitable for the development of content platform, reading, video and education is very easy to get a breakthrough; and clean out treasure as long as they can keep oneself "goods", its status is difficult to >

is ready to fill the seats were also There are plenty of people who. For example, Zhou Hongyi on the laugh, BAT to change into ATM, as he was not thinking of 3ATM, no one is aware of.

this proved at least a little: the layout of the whole industry chain is certainly look good, but the right industry division of labor in the Internet field still has its value.

Tencent investment keywords or for doing a footnote. This year, Tencent keyword acquisition from the acquisition into a stake ". Public comment, Jingdong, Tencent did not pursue the right to control, and even the emergence of the relevant assets of the company to reverse the situation into shares of the enterprise.

< p > in contrast, foreign giants big acquisitions, although in the future reserves will inevitably encounter the friction, but focus on the acquisition and did not invade others areas, or in the play their own talent.

over the past few years, China's Internet companies close combat on the battlefield countless. Mobile phone, payment, electricity suppliers, instant messaging, video, online travel services, online education, social, maps, local life services...... It seems that each enterprise in each segment to the layout, layout is not far from the same as the death.


at the beginning of the new year, Alibaba and Tencent even have no time to enjoy the holidays, in the payment, instant communications, O2O field play lively. In the blink of an eye, like the hustle and bustle of people has been doing a good job of the relatively quiet Baidu kicked out of the list of the "big three" to, "polarization speech began to appear.

is also said that the user in the micro channel and QQ, is passive access to information; on Baidu, is the initiative to get a specific information; and Taobao, a wide range of businesses to ensure the delivery of the possible.
Name: Lmnopqrstu
Website: n/a
Date: 30 May 15 12:14pm
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